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Karin Bloemen in Foxton on 24th of July 2013

What a fantastic show, I repeat what a fantastic show. Karin Bloemen came to the Foxton War Memorial Hall, which has been beautifully renovated a few years ago as part of her tour Down Under. Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Hamilton, Foxton, Christchurch. Those were the places that had to honour of hosting Karin Bloemen. Even though the crowd in Foxton was the smallest, the team lead by Michael and Vivienne, did an excellent job of creating a fantastic atmosphere by providing coffee, tea and dutch biscuits and lollies from the Dutch Market, the new Dutch Shop of De Molen, situated on SH1.

Karin Bloemen, our own Dutch Diva, came to Foxton, talked about, chickens, the courage of emigrants, fairytales, meisjes uit de provincie, dyslexia (hope I spelled that correctly), Zuid Afrika, Amsterdam, to mention just a few of the the topics she engaged with.

Her stantastic fory about Kootrapje, was extremely clever and funny, but her english translation of a thousand and one dutch sayings had lots of people in stiches. Not only was Karin very funny but she was also very serious as well with a song about losing ones mother. Did I mention her vocal qualities? I am not a musical expert but she has can sing the high notes as well as the low ones. Her impressions of artists like Herman van Veen, Wim Zonneveld, Jasperina de Jong as well as  Marlene Dietrich and Bette Midler were a joy to listen too.

Afterwards she talked to the audience and posed for pictures with anybody who wanted including yours truly. A truly great artist on stage and very friendly off the stage! Thanks to Joop Boumeester for bringing Karin to Foxton. A fantastic evening of full on songs, stories, jokes, and great entertainment.